Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

Modern logistics require a global perspective if you are to manage your operations successfully.  Business today depends on efficiency and speed, whether you are shipping domestic or international cargo.  The complexity of international cargo calls for advanced solutions.  Envoy Logistics provides a transportation management system (TMS) that can be a one-stop solution for all of your freight.  Our expertise enables us to deliver a software platform that can address multiple issues and streamline the processes of planning and monitoring shipments.

Among the many tools contained in a TMS system are route planning, freight auditing, carrier management and order monitoring.  Simply put, it combines multiple functions into a single dashboard that enables shippers and 3PL companies to optimize their operations.


The Benefits of TMS

The benefits of using a transportation management system are numerous.  Among the most important of these are:


  • Real-time tracking. By providing up-to-the-minute updates on the location of every shipment, these systems help carriers plan the most efficient routes and give their clients accurate information about the ETA of their freight.
  • Increased efficiency. With detailed data about the performance of every component of the supply chain, it becomes much easier to identify bottlenecks and eliminate them.  This enables companies to cut down on waste and become much more efficient.
  • Reduced costs. Automated invoicing and tracking ensure that the risk of errors is significantly reduced.
  • Better service. With the use of a TMS for trucking and other modes, businesses can communicate with their clients with certainty.  They can update the status of orders with a high degree of accuracy.  This system also contributes to stronger relationships between shippers and carriers because they cut down on confusion and miscommunication.


Why Choose Envoy Logistics? 

Our philosophy is built around creating lasting partnerships with our customers.  This, combined with our cumulative experience with all types of shipping, means we have the ability to offer a complete package of software tools and personal service provided by your assigned solutions specialist to help solve a variety of problems.  With our platform, companies on all points along the supply chain can experience improvements to their operations and become the most effective organizations they can be.

If you’re curious about a TMS, our transportation management system and expertise can give you the answers you need.  To learn about what we can do for you or to see a demo of our systems in action, get in touch with us today or request a quote.

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