International Air & Ocean

International Air & Ocean

At Envoy Logistics, we specialize in freight shipping services from point A to point Z. Everything you need to manage your cargo is covered, including international air freight and ocean freight services. Opt for professional B2B shipping services involving international territory to ensure the safety and security of your cargo. Start here by seeing how we utilize international air and ocean freight services in combination with LTL and truckload transportation for your complete shipping needs.


About International Air and Ocean Shipping

For international cargo in a size of 100 pounds or greater, international air freight and ocean freight shipping services offer an economic value. When you choose air freight, you are able to move freight within a couple of days with minimal risk of loss in transit. If you need to move a ton, literally, of freight across the world, international ocean freight shipping offers the lowest cost. With both of these types of freight hauling services, you have the option of shipping:


  • Less than container load (LCL) for cargo consolidation
  • Full container load (FCL)
  • Drayage or inland shipping


We work with a variety of industries in order to handle this type of freight. These include the automotive, manufacturing, retail, technology, food/beverage and energy sectors. We also assist the health care and professional services industries with shipping everything from paper to nuts and bolts.


Benefits of Envoy Logistics Air and Ocean Freight Services

When you go with Envoy Logistics for your international air freight and ocean cargo shipping, you receive more than just a phone call or email and an invoice. You can relax and let us take care of it all! As part of our international air freight shipping, our services include expedited freight for emergency cargo and last-minute shipments. We also provide customs brokerage services to make sure your freight makes it through border and customs controls.

Our trade compliance and classification services ensure your freight shipments are compliant with all local and federal regulations. Since you are dealing with freight on international waters and skies, compliance is critical to the success of your shipping services. In addition, we provide safe shipping for hazardous materials such as chemicals and raw products. This includes temperature-controlled shipping for perishable and frozen freight.

When choosing Envoy Logistics for your international ocean freight and international air freight services, you also have access to our less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload freight transportation services. With our help, your shipment arrives once it lands on the ground directly to its destination on time and with expedience.


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Do you want the speed and efficiency of international air freight services? Would you prefer the affordable, more economical option of using international ocean freight shipping? Whichever shipping method best suits your company and client’s needs, we have you covered with our comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions. More importantly, we have the resources and expertise to choose the right solution for your specific shipments.

Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we are leaders in the logistics sector in North America. Along with air and ocean freight shipping, we specialize in less-than-truckload and truckload ground shipping services. Contact Envoy Logistics to get your quote for international ocean freight services and/or air freight services.

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