At Envoy Logistics, we specialize in intermodal services for B2B shipping in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and internationally. When you need to find the best intermodal trucking companies for your shipping needs, we have the solution for you. When you are ready to choose the experts in intermodal freight, we have the information you need to take the next step with us for smarter shipping services for your clients.


About Intermodal Companies and Cargo Transport

Intermodal shipping involves the use of special standardized containers. These intermodal containers differ from trailers that are pulled by Class 8 tractors. An intermodal trailer is specifically designed to transfer cargo from one mode of transportation to another. It is transported onto a tractor-trailer via a crane or telehandler-style piece of machinery.

These containers are made from durable steel so to handle transport via air, ocean or rail. . Cargo ships require truck drivers handling intermodal freight to receive shipments.

When an intermodal shipment arrives by rail, ocean or air, intermodal transportation companies move the cargo from that mode of transportation. It is then placed on a tractor-trailer that is equipped for intermodal containers. This requires a flatbed trailer with open sides for maneuvering the intermodal container.

Then, intermodal drivers either transport this freight to a warehouse or distribution center where an LTL or FTL hauler carries the cargo along its way via ground transportation. This is referred to as drayage service. Air cargo may also be utilized at this point to move cargo in bulk domestically, such as with one-day or same-day delivery. Here at Envoy Logistics, we manage all of these procedures for our B2B clients.


Industries and Intermodal Services

The intermodal sector provides clients with freight shipping around the world. When you are in demand of freight hauling via North America’s rail network, you are dealing with intermodal freight. One reason that an increasing number of companies are turning to intermodal shipping is because it is environmentally responsible.


Why Choose Envoy Logistics for Intermodal Shipping?

Envoy Logistics provides outstanding intermodal trucking services. Working with intermodal trucking companies domestically and internationally means we will get you the best rates for your shipments on every load. 

We also ensure your shipment is ready to transport safely and securely using intermodal methods. This includes following all regulations for compliance in shipping your freight in North America and internationally. Protect your B2B intermodal shipments by choosing the best logistics team at Envoy Logistics in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

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