At Envoy Logistics, we go way beyond providing you with just a single freight transaction for a client.  Our technology and platform are here to provide you with the comprehensive management of all your commercial logistics and shipping needs.  Thanks to a focus on manufacturing logistics, we are ready to meet your unique shipping demands every time.  Discover the services and benefits of choosing our 3PL for manufacturers for your shipping needs.


Services at Envoy Logistics

Our services start with the latest technology in logistics and transportation.  Everything is managed on a single Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for your convenience and efficiency. 

In addition, we provide you with one point of contact who will be your personal account manager.  This means you have someone who knows your needs even before you do. You will always have a trusted representative from Envoy Logistics working on your behalf.  We are constantly on a mission to find you the best rates to save your clients' money.

As a full-service logistics provider, we aim to ship through the best and most reliable carriers.  Should anything happen to your freight during the process, however, our Solutions Specialists will be on the case right away to help you resolve any claims. 

We utilize the Transportation Management System (TMS) for generating and analyzing data for your freight services.  With the reports created through this platform, you can see exactly how much time and money you are saving with the use of 3PL for manufacturers.


Benefits for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you require the need for freight management services at several stages in your business plan.  Envoy Logistics manages the safe transport of industrial equipment and heavy machinery used in constructing facilities for manufacturing.  Once manufacturers are in place and require shipping logistics services, we coordinate freight hauls via any combination of the following shipping solutions:


  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping
  • Truckload (TL) shipping
  • Intermodal trucking services
  • Air freight services
  • Ocean cargo services


By providing you with a vast network of shipping options — from ground to air — we ensure you are able to meet your clients’ shipping needs.  Whether you have expedited freight that requires same-day air charter services or non-expedited full-truckload shipping services from California to Quebec, we have you covered.

Thanks to our extensive experience in providing commercial and manufacturing logistics, we have the technology and team in place to provide domestic freight service as well as to Mexico and Canada.  Your single-point resource will assist with your cargo through the entire supply chain process.


Choose Envoy Logistics

Your shipping needs are our priority.  We specialize in solving the most complex transportation puzzles with the most efficient handling of shipping requests in the industry.

Contact Envoy Logistics at 920-267-8709 to speak with a Solutions Specialist.  Request a quote on services or a demo of our logistics technology today.