Logistics for the energy sector have to be as diverse and dynamic as the industry itself. Transporting essential equipment and other assets across the globe requires pinpoint accuracy, exceptional timing and the expertise needed to make it all work. Fortunately, Envoy Logistics offers a full suite of energy logistics services that can fit the bill.  We work hard to build relationships with our customers, helping them get their products and resources to wherever necessary by fully understanding their needs.  No matter how complex they may be, we deliver oil and gas logistics solutions that satisfy every requirement.


What We Can Do for You

We bring together a full complement of seamless transportation services aimed at helping you maximize profitability and minimize costs. We can leverage our comprehensive network to create a plan that meets your exact requirements, every time.  Our energy and mining logistics offerings include:


  • Full truckload — We can provide you with access to an extensive network of carriers of all types. Whether you need to haul shipments within the U.S. or to Canada or Mexico, we can make all the necessary arrangements.
  • Less-than-truckload — For partial shipments, we facilitate shipping in a way that guarantees the quickest and most cost-effective arrangement for you. Our experience in serving a wide variety of industries means we understand how to handle virtually any type of cargo.
  • International air and ocean shipping — Ensuring the safety and security of your shipments is of the utmost importance when sending anything overseas. With our experience dealing with international freight, we can help you navigate the entire process successfully.
  • Intermodal — Using multiple modes of transport for one shipment can be a complicated and challenging procedure, but it’s one we have the skills and experience to undertake. No matter how many steps are involved, we’ll get your cargo where it needs to go.


Why Envoy Logistics Stands Apart

There are many choices for transportation serving this industry. We empower our customers by working closely with them and creating lasting partnerships.  When you choose us, you’ll benefit from our complete network, but you’ll also receive much more than that.  We know that managing logistics can be extremely difficult under even the best conditions, which is why we strive to shoulder as much of the burden as we can.  We’ll be involved throughout the process, stepping in to handle any issues that may arise while your freight is in transit.

Find out why we’ve become trusted partners with our clients. Give us a call today to request a quote or a demo of our transportation management system.