In automotive manufacturing, logistics services are vital for everything from warehousing to cross-border shipments. Your primary mission in manufacturing is to produce a premium product deliverable to your customers on time. Envoy Logistics is a leader in automotive logistics services for the manufacturing sector. We understand your complex automotive 3PL needs and meet these with satisfaction.

Below, learn more about how we will work to organize and maximize your profits through our professionally managed automotive logistics services.


Our Automotive Logistics Services

Automotive manufacturing requires shipping services to provide dealerships with auto parts and machinery. This is followed by using freight haulers for distributing finished parts and vehicles to warehouses, dealerships and retailers. To properly manage this high-value cargo, you require the services of professional automotive logistics companies.

In addition, when shipping internationally and dealing with customs brokerage fees, you must be able to comply with these expectations. The majority of our clients in the automotive sector receive imports and exports from Mexico and Canada. We fully understand what it takes to make cross-border automotive logistics and shipping happen successfully.

Start and finish with Envoy Logistics as your preferred automotive supply chain service provider for your complete automotive 3PL needs. To best meet your shipping goals, we offer comprehensive automotive logistics services exclusively for this type of supply chain. We also provide international as well as domestic freight forwarding and logistics management services.


Benefits for Automotive Shippers

To safely and securely ship your automotive parts, machinery or vehicles, choose Envoy Logistics. Along with planning the complete transport of your cargo, we provide you with a single point resource. That one person is your account manager — and he or she will assist you with all of your account needs.

Whether you want to schedule less-than-truckload or full-truckload ground shipping services — or are in need of expedited intermodal freight services — we can assist you. We also work with air freight and air charter companies, as well as ocean cargo and ship freight haulers. Thanks to our complete network of automotive supply chain providers, our team of freight forwarders has everything it needs to cover your logistics and shipping demands.


Why Choose Envoy Logistics?

You have a choice to make when deciding which of the automotive logistics companies is best-suited for your needs. We are here to help you make the right choice and will be there to manage any claims that come up during the shipping process.

In order to do this, we offer a high degree of freight flexibility. Whatever your unique shipping needs at this time, Envoy Logistics has a solution — or three. Let us show you what we can do for your automotive logistics needs.

We also offer a free demonstration of our automotive freight management services, including the use of Software as a Service and the Transportation Management System. Contact Envoy Logistics to request a quote for freight services in the automotive sector or a demo of our transportation solutions.